Living in harmony with your true nature. 
Mindfully Aligning Energy for Mind, Body, Spirit Balance

Lyn Drathring: 

Reiki Master, Certified Tai Chi Instructor, Creative Living 'Pro'

My life has led me along many pathways, some chosen, some not.  The services I provide are things that I practice myself to creatively craft a life of harmony, health, balance and joy. And, because, well...life happens, I integrate many of these anchoring practices on a daily basis.  

I sincerely believe that it takes mindful, intentional practice of regularly aligning our energies of mind, body, spirit and purpose to live a creative and fulfilled life.

For me, that comes from my faith and a regular practice of Tai Chi, Reiki, time in nature and feeding my soul through the arts, music and the written word. And, of course, some of my best moments in life are with my family and friends.  

The Creative Healing Studio has insights and support to help you connect to your best self and to live a creative, fulfilled life. In this fast paced, technological world, it is essential to give ourselves the gift of time and self care.  We do this not only for ourselves, but for those we love and to have the energy and insight to lead the best life we can. 

Tai Chi and Reiki Certifications: 

-Yang Style Tai Chi, Short Form; 2014                 -Second Section Long Form; 2015

-Chair Tai Chi; 2015 

-Usui Ryoho Reiki Level I, II, III; 2001                -Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master, 2016

I continue my Reiki training and education through online learning, Reiki Shares and fellow Reiki practioners.

~Acutonics- Level I, 2019

I have been a servant leader for 25+ years working with people of all ages and through many life situations here in McHenry County.  I am a retired Outdoor & Experiential  Educator and also spent 8 years as a facilitator for Teams Course, High Ropes Courses and Cultural Diversity programs with a variety of groups including churches and schools-both local and city, corporate groups, NISRA, Hospice, and more.

Over the years I have been blessed to serve as a volunteer through girl scouts and youth groups, as a women's group and retreat leader, a Stephen Minister, as chair of spiritual adult education, and more.