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Creative Healing~March 2020

Posted on March 8, 2020 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (1)

I am not sure where to begin, so I'll just jump in. 

I have a new old thing I am beginning/returning to.  There is a life story involved, one that I am still trying to rewrite and it may take a little time. I am determined to rewrite it, not only for myself, but for those who have gone before me, and for those who have, and will, come after.  So for now, I am just taking a page from my website, a new page, a new day, a new/old beginning. I have pledged one year to this creative adventure and I will be journaling/blogging to share this journey. It, like life, is a creative work in progress.  I hope you will join me, even more, I hope it will somehow support you in your creative life journey. Below, you will find what is written on my 'new page.' 

Creative Healing Studio

A place to relax, create & spend some time in self care while discovering your inner artist. Write, weave, draw, drum....Fill your soul with creative flow and feel the stresses of the day wash away. Who knows, you may even create a solution to the struggles you face as you write it out or find peace while you create and allow your inner answers to spring forth.

My current thought is to have a specific creative focus each month. It may be beading, weaving, macrame, gourd crafting or whatever moves my soul that month. A few things will alway be around, journal prompts, sketch pads and drums.

Since I will have my creative supplies out and be working on my own monthly projects, I hope to offer drop-in/sampler type options, as well as a monthly program. And, while an appointment is needed for a full Reiki/Vibrational Therapy session, I am happy to provide a 10-15 minute Reiki Reset anytime I am there. And, my chakra tuning forks stand at the ready. My goal is to keep the shorter drop-ins , creative and Reiki, on a Free Will donation basis to cover supplies/time, as long as it is feasible. 


I am dabbling with a variety of creative processes as I get a feel for the space. Check my facebook page,https://www.facebook.com/dailyharmonystudio/" target="_blank"> dailyharmonystudio, to see when I'll be in and stop by to see what I'm up to. So far I have been doing a little macrame and beading some Yin/Yang bracelets with Howlite and Labradorite. I plan to continue with beading and macrame with a focus on the Chakras, Five Elements and Yin/Yang. And, you may catch me practicing a little dulcimer or drumming.

Like the rest of Daily Harmony, this is a work in process. There is a life story behind this creative endeavor and so I am determined to not hurry it along, but rather to let it evolve organically, and with integrity to my her-story.

And, I cannot begin this journey without a heartfelt Thank You to my mother, Beverly, who transitioned in May of 2019 at the young-at-heart age of 90. It is because of her determination and generosity that I can undertake this creative adventure. And, so in part, I do this in her honor for all the creative adventures she denied herself, and for mine.

I love and miss you Mom.

March Tidbit: Seasonal Changes

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Yes, I know it has been awhile, a long while, since I blogged.  So, let's see how this goes....sharing monthly Tidbits from my newsletter which you can find on my Facebook page at Daily Harmony Studio.

March Tidbit: Seasonal Changes

This month I am continuing with some thoughts from January. Now though, it's more about finding balance during changing times...and learning to sense and to navigate my place. Without going on about the details, it is a familar story for those who are in, or have been in, the sandwhich generation, or anyone really. Change/growth happens all the time and all around us. It's inevitable, and as it should be.


Just like seasons change, our seasons of life change/evolve. Sometimes we just can't wait for the current season to be over and the next season to come, and sometimes we dread what we think is coming. Think about it, when it's snowy and freezing and we have had enough, we can't wait for warmer days. That is until we have had enough of 100 degree days and we long for colder weather. Or, in our youth we long for the freedom of choices that come with being older, then when we get there, we wish we had the freedoms of our youth. Funny how that goes.

So, what's the Tidbit? For me, Go With The Flow. Easier said than done, I know. But, there are some things in life that are simply beyond our control, and in fact, are a normal part of life's everchanging seasons. Rather than fight the current, we might as well be present for the ride. And maybe, just maybe, we will find the beauties that we might otherwise miss while struggling and closing our eyes to the currents of the unknown. It's ok to rant against the never ending snow that has to be shoveled, and reshoveled, but don't close your eyes to the beauty of a fresh snowfall, the silent hush in the night under gently falling snow or the thrill of sledding down a great hill! It's ok to curse the sweltering heat and humidity of 100 degrees, but don't close your eyes to the lushness it brings or to the deep appreciation of an ice cold drink on a hot summer's day. It's ok to mourn loss that may come with life changes, but don't close your eyes to what is happening right now, in this moment, or to what may come next. You just might miss the beauty and joy in your present life, or the promise of what the new season may bring. So, take a deep breath, let go-and go with the flow.

Gathering In, Letting Go..with Gratitude

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WOW!  That about sums up the summer, and even now, the end of October!  I have been so busy enjoying teaching multiple tai chi classes each week, seeing regular Reiki clients, summer gardening, family and friends, and so much more.   At times, it has been a bit overwhelming, to say the least. And now, it seems there may be another business growth spurt on the horizon as I have new classes and opportunities coming up.  It is once again important for my soul to step back now and then to get grounded. I have returned to an old joy of taking a monthly, or bimonthly, retreat day off.  I have also returned to Morning Pages, artists dates, and weekly walks....more on these later.  It is difficult to pour from an empty cup....and I am indeed being refilled.  As we entered into Autumn, I began the process of thinking about what to keep and what to let go of. And, before I let go of anything, I must ask, "what else is possible?" (Thank you, Patty) Is there a lesson, or harvest, I should take from something before I let go of it?   Even in the chaos, struggles and pain, there are gifts/lessons...and sometimes...you just gotta let go and move on. So, that's where things are at...gathering in and letting go, writing, being inspired, being grateful, relishing the people I have been blessed to get to know in this work and so very grateful for my family, and friends, who continue to be a constant source of wonder and love. 8)

Luxurious Anticipation

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May has been a month of planning, anticipation, and unexpected joys.  I spent a lot of time in my garden clearing my thoughts, along with last year's garden debris. I have been sowing seeds and transplanting flowers and veggies.  I sowed a few seeds earlier in the year, too, and have enjoyed my first 90% fresh from the garden salad in recent days!  I cannot begin to tell you how satisfying, even luxurious, it feels to me to be able to eat healthly, organic food that I have sown, nurtured and, ultimately been nurtured by. There is something so basic, so natural in that process.  And there have been garden moments of pure delight when I have been blessed by visits from my garden friends.  Yesterday, while doing a morning watering after a particularly hot day the day before, a Hummingbird came to the feeder where I was watering.  Thinking my visitor was thirsty, I moved the hose spray so he could drink. Imagine my surprise when he followed it.  I watch in awe as it fluttered its wings in the water spray.  I am not sure if the hummingbird was simply cooling off or playing, or both!  I just accepted the gift with gratitude. I came back later in the evening to water again, truthfully I just wanted to see if the Hummingbird would come back, and to my delight, it did! 

I have been sowing seeds for Daily Harmony LIfeways, too.  May has been filled with meetings and opportunities to introduce Tai Chi and Reiki in new ways. I am happy to say that more people will be enjoying the benefits of Tai Chi and Reiki this summer!  Here are a few of them; some county employees will be experiencing a 3 week introduction to Tai Chi in June, The First Congregational Church in Crystal Lake is hosting two introductory Tai Chi Classes and one introduction to Chair Tai Chi in June AND there will be Sunday morning beginner classes in July, and finally, Chair Tai Chi and introduction to Reiki will begin in July at The Garlands of Barrington. There are other possiblilities in the works as well. 

It has been a month of hard work, nurturing, luxurious anticipation and amazing moments.  I am looking forward to a summer of growth and new beginnings!  I hope you will follow along and maybe even join me for a class or two.



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I have come to a new/old undersanding of the word "Mindfulness."  Lately, it has come to mean living with a FULL mind, sometimes very full! Between a growing business and family life, there seems to be a lot happening, mostly good, and it feels as though I can hardly keep my thoughts straight. Some people might call that mindlessness, and maybe sometimes it seems that way.  I prefer to think of it as mindFULL.  Although I may go into the frowned upon "autopilot" mode now and then, overall, I feel I am living a FULL life.  I am taking it to the edge, and most of the time, I enjoy the moment by moment awareness of life through my thoughts, sensations and surroundings. I delight in a job well done, a hard task completed or a meaningful connection made with a friend or family. I am able to listen to the rain, hear the distant thunder and enjoy a beautiful sunset, most of the time. And there it is, "most of the time."  

To me, Mindful Living is about paying attention to the moments of life and being fully present in them, ALL of them.  That means when I am in chaos trying to get multiple things done at the same time and noting how it makes me feel-or catching the beauty of a flower or some cloud formation in the midst of the chaos, and it means when I am in solitude and quietly giving myself a Reiki treatment and noting how it makes me feel.  I relish my moments of chaos as much as I relish my quiet moments because they both mean I am alive and living a FULL life. I also admit that there are times, as has been lately, when there are tooooo many FULL moments in life and I find myself in "autopilot" for what feels like non-stop. THAT is when I must remember to slow down and pay attention...to life, to moments, to messages of my body/mind..... It is this fast/slow balancing act.  My body and my peace of mind have a limited carrying capacity for how FULL life can get. And so, yes, there are times when enough is enough and I find that I am lost. The beauty for me now though is, thanks to my daily practices, there is this amazing internal message that gently reminds me, "Oops, you just stepped over the edge and it's time to retreat a little."  So, you see, even then, to be lost is to be found again...and I do love an adventure!

This brings me to the DAILY in Daily Harmony Lifeways.  For me, to live a MindFULL life, it is essential to have a full tool kit of practices that I can use each day.  Meditation, prayer, gratitude, Reiki, tai chi, gardening, walking outdoors, playing with my grandchildren and visiting with my daughters are all healing and empowering ways for me to reconnect with what is important to my soul.  Some of these I do daily as my morning intentions or as evening meditaiton. All these, and more, I keep in my pocket for the moments that call forth each one in their own time.

Find what works for you. Make time for those things.  It is essential for your soul.  It is so worth the effort.  Do it daily, do it morning, noon and night, do it each hour, each minute if the FULLness of life requires it.  Just do it.  Devlope a mindfulness practice that works for you and fills your soul.