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Posted on April 28, 2016 at 5:50 PM

I have come to a new/old undersanding of the word "Mindfulness."  Lately, it has come to mean living with a FULL mind, sometimes very full! Between a growing business and family life, there seems to be a lot happening, mostly good, and it feels as though I can hardly keep my thoughts straight. Some people might call that mindlessness, and maybe sometimes it seems that way.  I prefer to think of it as mindFULL.  Although I may go into the frowned upon "autopilot" mode now and then, overall, I feel I am living a FULL life.  I am taking it to the edge, and most of the time, I enjoy the moment by moment awareness of life through my thoughts, sensations and surroundings. I delight in a job well done, a hard task completed or a meaningful connection made with a friend or family. I am able to listen to the rain, hear the distant thunder and enjoy a beautiful sunset, most of the time. And there it is, "most of the time."  

To me, Mindful Living is about paying attention to the moments of life and being fully present in them, ALL of them.  That means when I am in chaos trying to get multiple things done at the same time and noting how it makes me feel-or catching the beauty of a flower or some cloud formation in the midst of the chaos, and it means when I am in solitude and quietly giving myself a Reiki treatment and noting how it makes me feel.  I relish my moments of chaos as much as I relish my quiet moments because they both mean I am alive and living a FULL life. I also admit that there are times, as has been lately, when there are tooooo many FULL moments in life and I find myself in "autopilot" for what feels like non-stop. THAT is when I must remember to slow down and pay attention...to life, to moments, to messages of my body/mind..... It is this fast/slow balancing act.  My body and my peace of mind have a limited carrying capacity for how FULL life can get. And so, yes, there are times when enough is enough and I find that I am lost. The beauty for me now though is, thanks to my daily practices, there is this amazing internal message that gently reminds me, "Oops, you just stepped over the edge and it's time to retreat a little."  So, you see, even then, to be lost is to be found again...and I do love an adventure!

This brings me to the DAILY in Daily Harmony Lifeways.  For me, to live a MindFULL life, it is essential to have a full tool kit of practices that I can use each day.  Meditation, prayer, gratitude, Reiki, tai chi, gardening, walking outdoors, playing with my grandchildren and visiting with my daughters are all healing and empowering ways for me to reconnect with what is important to my soul.  Some of these I do daily as my morning intentions or as evening meditaiton. All these, and more, I keep in my pocket for the moments that call forth each one in their own time.

Find what works for you. Make time for those things.  It is essential for your soul.  It is so worth the effort.  Do it daily, do it morning, noon and night, do it each hour, each minute if the FULLness of life requires it.  Just do it.  Devlope a mindfulness practice that works for you and fills your soul.

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