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Luxurious Anticipation

Posted on May 26, 2016 at 7:20 PM

May has been a month of planning, anticipation, and unexpected joys.  I spent a lot of time in my garden clearing my thoughts, along with last year's garden debris. I have been sowing seeds and transplanting flowers and veggies.  I sowed a few seeds earlier in the year, too, and have enjoyed my first 90% fresh from the garden salad in recent days!  I cannot begin to tell you how satisfying, even luxurious, it feels to me to be able to eat healthly, organic food that I have sown, nurtured and, ultimately been nurtured by. There is something so basic, so natural in that process.  And there have been garden moments of pure delight when I have been blessed by visits from my garden friends.  Yesterday, while doing a morning watering after a particularly hot day the day before, a Hummingbird came to the feeder where I was watering.  Thinking my visitor was thirsty, I moved the hose spray so he could drink. Imagine my surprise when he followed it.  I watch in awe as it fluttered its wings in the water spray.  I am not sure if the hummingbird was simply cooling off or playing, or both!  I just accepted the gift with gratitude. I came back later in the evening to water again, truthfully I just wanted to see if the Hummingbird would come back, and to my delight, it did! 

I have been sowing seeds for Daily Harmony LIfeways, too.  May has been filled with meetings and opportunities to introduce Tai Chi and Reiki in new ways. I am happy to say that more people will be enjoying the benefits of Tai Chi and Reiki this summer!  Here are a few of them; some county employees will be experiencing a 3 week introduction to Tai Chi in June, The First Congregational Church in Crystal Lake is hosting two introductory Tai Chi Classes and one introduction to Chair Tai Chi in June AND there will be Sunday morning beginner classes in July, and finally, Chair Tai Chi and introduction to Reiki will begin in July at The Garlands of Barrington. There are other possiblilities in the works as well. 

It has been a month of hard work, nurturing, luxurious anticipation and amazing moments.  I am looking forward to a summer of growth and new beginnings!  I hope you will follow along and maybe even join me for a class or two.


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