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November News- 2018

Posted on October 31, 2018 at 6:10 PM

I have been sharing in my monthly newsletter and decided I need to get back to this blog.  So here I am.  Yes, one year later. 

November Newsletter

I am continuing my theme of Letting Go for the rest of the year, and I am also focusing on Gratitude this November, always really. I had so much to share this month, and yet life has sort of thrown some things at me, so I am letting go. I continue my journey of slowing down with extra programs while I focus on deepening my learning and on my energy work with Reiki and Tai Chi. And, for awhile now, my focus has been on family as life with its continual ebb and flow, brings changes. All things in their own season.


I encourage each of you to make some time this fall for reflection. Do the work of going inward, seeking growth and understanding and for noticing all that there truly is to be grateful for, not only in this month of Thanksgiving, but each and every day.


It is true that life can be hard sometimes and rock us to our core. And, it is also true that there are those moments when even in the darkest times, there is opportunity for Gratitude. It may be through an expression of compassion, a beautiful sunset or in the many ways and tiny moments sprinkled throughout a lifetime. Go out and live that expression of Gratitude, share it with those close to you. Spread that stuff around!


As always, I can't thank you all enough for being a part of this ongoing journey and I continue to look foward to what may come next! I am Grateful for You!

Sincerely ~



November Tidbit: A Reflection on Gratitude


Embrace an Attitude of Gratitude. Share it!


*It only takes a moment to tell someone how/why you are grateful for them.

*It only takes a a moment to say "Thank You."

*It only takes a moment to inwardly Pause and Express Gratitude for a beautiful moment with a friend or family member, a sunset or even a task well done.

*It only takes a moment to begin and end each day to acknowledge one thing that you are grateful for. One thing,

*It only takes a moment to create a big impact, on yourself, and on those around you.


Embrace an Attitude of Gratitude. Share it!


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