Living in harmony with your true nature. 
Mindfully Aligning Energy for Mind, Body, Spirit Balance

 Creative Healing Studio

A place to relax, create & spend some time in self care while discovering your inner artist.  Write, weave, draw, drum....Fill your soul with creative flow and feel the stresses of the day wash away.  Who knows, you may even create a solution to the struggles you face as you write it out or find peace while you create and allow your inner answers to spring forth.

My current thought is to have a specific creative focus each month.  It may be beading, weaving, macrame, gourd crafting or whatever moves my soul that month.  A few things will alway be around, journal prompts, sketch pads and drums.

 Since I will have my creative supplies out and be working on my own monthly projects, I hope to offer drop-in/sampler type options, as well as a monthly program. And, while an appointment is needed for a full Reiki/Vibrational Therapy session, I am happy to provide a 10-15 minute Reiki Reset anytime I am there. My chakra tuning forks stand at the ready. My goal is to keep the shorter drop-ins , creative and Reiki, on a free will donation basis to cover supplies/time, as long as it is feasible. 

Like the rest of Daily Harmony, this is a work in process. There is a life story behind this creative endeavor and so I am determined to not hurry it along, but rather to let it evolve organically, and with integrity to my her-story. 

And, I cannot begin this journey without a heartfelt Thank You to my mother, Beverly, who transitioned in May of 2019 at the young-at-heart age of 90.  It is because of her determination and generosity that I can undertake this creative adventure.  And, so in part, I do this in her honor for all the creative adventures she denied herself, and for mine.                                         

I love and miss you Mom.