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Mindfully Aligning Energy for Mind, Body, Spirit Balance

Daily Harmony Program Options:  Use the Contact Form for inquiries. 

Meditations-individual, group, families
Guided Nature Walks: meditations with optional journaling/drawing, Tai Chi, etc.

Sip & Dream: 
Have some fun setting intentions as we take a little trip around the Native American Medicine Wheel and make and decorate Dream Catchers.  You will use beads and feathers to represent your intentions and dreams. All Dream Catchers materials provided, however, you are welcome to bring a couple small items you may want to attach to your Dream Catcher.
          Personal, daily growth, Businss Journaling, Life Journey 
 Spiritual Growth, Guided Meditations/Inspirations, 
Nature Journals, and more

Restorative Yoga with Reiki

Come relax by candlelight and deepen your yoga experience with Reiki  In this class, we will hold several yoga poses 4 to 5 minutes each.  Reiki energy is shared both individually and as a group during yoga and meditation.  This energy will enhance your relaxation and reduce stress.  Wear comfortable cloths, bring a pillow and blanket. 

Chakra Series

Chakra means "Wheel." This is an energy flow that goes from our spine to our head and each Chakra governs part of our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Come out and learn how to clear, charge and rebalance the 7 major Chakras. We will be learning basic, gentle qi gong, meditating and journaling with each new Chakra. Creating your own chakra bracelet is an option.

*Please note, detailed program descriptions will be posted when specific programs are offered.