Living in harmony with your true nature. 
Mindfully Aligning Energy for Mind, Body, Spirit Balance

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Ask about Chakra Balancing with Vibrational Therapy Tuning Forks.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of natural, hands-on energy healing, although touch is not required. The word "Reiki" comes from the Japanese word "Rei," broadly translated as "universal." The word "Ki," means "life force."  Put together it means Universal Life Force. This is the universal, vibrational energy that runs through all living things. Illness, injury, stress, poor diet, etc. may cause, or result from, low or blocked energy flow within the body.  When the energy in a person flows freely and at a higher vibrational level, there is a greater sense of wellbeing and harmony.  Reiki recognizes the ability of the person to tap into their own healing energy and assists that process by creating a more relaxed environment in the body/mind. Once the body and mind are relaxed, there is greater blood flow and oxygen throughout the body which in turn promotes a healing environment. As an Alternative, or Complimentary Medicine, Reiki is recognized as a Biofield Therapy and is gaining popularity in hospitals, hospice, cancer centers, counseling and therapy, and more, not only for patients, but for caregivers and family as well.

Benefits Reported:

Deep Relaxation            Chronic Pain Relief        Reduced Stress and Anxiety 

Increased Problem Solving Ability         Improved Digestion            Better Sleep

Increased Sense of Well being 

What can I expect during a treatment?

A typical Reiki treatment lasts 30-60 minutes.  You will be asked to complete a waiver and brief intake form on your first visit. At the beginning of each visit, you will have the opportunity to share the reason for your visit, any goals you have for treatment and to to ask any questions. At the end of each appointment, there is time to process the experience and to journal, if desired.

During your Reiki session, you will lie on a massage table, or chair, fully clothed. The practitioner will place their hands on, or just above the body, in specific positions from head to toe.  You may feel warmth, tingling and very relaxed. Your Reiki practitioner will inform when the treatment is over, assist you when you are ready to sit up and offer you some water.  A Reiki treatment is generally a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Essential oils, crystals/stones and tuning forks for Vibrational Therapy may be used with a Reiki session. 

Chakra Balancing with Vibrational Therapy.  This session offers a deep focus on the chakras using Vibrational Therapy Tuning Forks to bring balance to the chakra system.  The session begins with Reiki to connect before using the tuning forks in a sequence for grounding and connecting the Three Treasures. Then, chakra specific tuning forks will be used to clear and balance energies, along with the use of chakra stones and essential oils.  The session may include the use of additional Reiki, both during and at the close of the session.  Other possible tools used may be drums, Tibetan singing bowl, rattle and feathers.