Living in harmony with your true nature. 
Mindfully Aligning Energy for Mind, Body, Spirit Balance


Tai Chi is offered at several locations.  Healing Arts Services include Reiki, Vibrational Therapy and Chakra Balancing and are By Appointment in the Daily Harmony Studio at The Dole in Crystal Lake and at TLC Chiropractic in Lake in The Hills. Watch Facebook for details.  

*NEW*  I have moved to new Creative Healing Studio at The Dole Mansion, Lakeside Legacy Arts Park, in Crystal Lake.  In addition to exploring and developing various creative process programs, Reiki and Chakra Balancing will be also available there,  by appointment only. I am quite excited to be in the  beautiful, historical and creative space and to be able to share it with you.  Please watch for upcoming information about the Creative Healing programs.
 If you are a women's group, garden club, health support group, etc. and are interested in scheduling an Introduction to Reiki or to Tai Chi/Qi Gong, please use the contact form to inquire about possible program options.

Tai Chi is an ancient, Chinese martial art form that regenerates and rebalances the "Chi," life force energy, with a blend of slow movements and breathing techniques that integrate and balance the body, mind and spirit. A large focus of the Yang Style Tai Chi is on its health benefits. The style provides a gentle, yet full body workout.

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This is a work in progress.  Please come back for more information soon.  Thank You

Reiki is a simple, natural method of hands-on energy healing. Although it is equally effective without placing hands on the body and the client always has a choice. In Japanese, "Ki," is the life force energy that flows through all living things and should be kept free flowing. Energy may become weak or blocked which may lead to illness, or it may become blocked due to illness or injury. Reiki seeks to rebalance the flow of energy. Click on the link above for more information.